Charity Support

Quentin is a long-standing supporter of numerous charities, some of which work to promote understanding and engagement in art and literacy, as well as organisations which support threatened peoples and animals across the globe.  Here are details of some of the good causes which Quentin supports:

Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration
Formerly known as House of Illustration, this is the UK's only centre dedicated to illustration.  It organises exhibitions, talks and events; and in 2024 plans to re-open at New River Head in Islington as 'The Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration'.
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Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity

Quentin Blake is President of Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity. It began as the Roald Dahl Foundation in 1991, and was set up to help children and young people with serious, rare blood or brain conditions.  The Charity funds a team of specialist 'Roald Dahl' nurses, providing vital support and care in these areas thoughout the UK.

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Farms for City Children

Farms for City Children aims to enrich the lives and develop the potential of children from urban areas by giving them the opportunity to become farmers for a week on a working farm in the heart of the countryside. The Charity was founded by Clare and Michael Morpurgo over forty years ago and now, on three different farms, provides this experience for over 3,000 children a year. 

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Survival International

Quentin is a long-standing supporter and Ambassador for Survival International, which seeks to give a voice to threatened tribes and peoples across the globe.

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Quentin is also a patron of: