Moonlight Travellers

At: Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

27 January 2018 - 15 April 2018

More info:

As part of his exhibition The Only Way to Travel at Jerwood Gallery in 2017, Quentin Blake showed a series of framed watercolours of a variety of travellers in darkened landscapes lit by a succession of fantastic moons.  In the exhibition for 2018 he has explored further variations on the theme but in a different format, calling them 'Moonlight Travellers'.  The series consists of 22 drawings, with a further 13 (unframed) offered for sale.
The Moonlight Travellers are accompanied by a suite of twenty other watercolours which he calls Scenes at Twilight, on much lighter subjects in a variety of colours.  The Gallery plans to offer for sale facsimile mini-prints of several works from this series.