'Portraits, Playhouses & People'

At: Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London SE1 9JH

12 July 2023 - 23 July 2023

More info: https://www.banksidegallery.com/

This joint exhibition at Bankside Gallery unites renowned artists and life-long friends, Quentin Blake and Linda Kitson, whose unique styles converge to offer a captivating showcase of portraiture and theatre.
After exhibiting a series of portraits exploring the possibilities of the ballpoint pen at Bankside Gallery in 2022, Quentin Blake unveils a delightful series of works made using the Stabilo pencil. This medium, unlike a biro, responds to pressure and takes water, offering the effects of drawing and watercolour painting simultaneously. Known for his whimsical characters and expressive lines, Quentin use the Stabilo pencil to explore a new range of subjects in portrait.
Linda Kitson presents a vibrant display of multicolour iPad prints celebrating playhouses old and new, exploring their many uses and some of the extraordinary architectural developments that have taken place in them in recent years. In addition to her theatrical marvels, Linda’s black & white pencil drawings of performers serve as a captivating counterpoint, offering a glimpse of these artistes beneath the spotlight and behind the scenes.
Through their respective artistic lenses, Quentin and Linda invite us to celebrate the human spirit and the magic of theatre in this unique and joyful exhibition.