'A Year of Drawings' charts Quentin's work during the pandemic

Friday 1st October 2021

In a joint venture with publisher Thames and Hudson, Quentin's new book showcases the many and varied drawings he produced during the long months of lockdown in 2020 and 2021.  'A Year of Drawings' (edited by Claudia Zeff, Deputy Chair at House of Illustration) gives a unique insight into the creative life of an artist who suddenly found himself with plenty of time to draw, particularly for his own pleasure.

Using a variety of materials, from china marker pencils to standard biros, and marker pens to washable fibre tips, as well as his favourite pen-with-a-scratchy-nib and ink, the drawings answer a range of purposes.  Some, like the series 'A Moment of Doubt' from March 2020, were drawn for pleasure in a few minutes while sitting in the wicker chair in his studio; others, like the 'Rainbows' later sold to benefit NHS Charities Together (and used as e-cards on his website) were more formal colour drawings for 'publication'.  A series of tutorials for the Isolation Art School were done on-the-spot on video; whereas the series of Women's Portraits (using coloured oil pastels) were created over several weeks for exhibition (at Downing College, Cambridge).

Quentin discusses some of the aspects of his work in 'A Year of Drawings' in a Q&A with Claudia Zeff, 'Imagination, inspiration and the beauty of a biro' on Thames and Hudson's website.

'A Year of Drawings' is published in hardback by Quentin Blake & Thames and Hudson, priced £25, available through Quentin's online shopand a free copy will be given to one lucky winner of our competition this week on Instagram (@quentinblakehq) - visit the QBHQ feed to find out T&Cs and how to enter.