Exhibition of new Quentin Blake drawings in London and Norfolk

Tuesday 11th December 2012

Marlborough Graphics is delighted to be holding an exhibition of drawings and prints by the artist and illustrator Quentin Blake, who turned eighty in December 2012.

Quentin Blake is internationally renowned as an illustrator. However, this show is different; these works are off the page as none of the work will have been seen before, and none are illustrations of books, or illustrations from texts, but are entirely derived from the artist's imagination and observations.

Ambiguous relationships between old and young, between friends and family, humans and animals are all subtly observed, and depicted with humour and sadness. The joys and disappointments that life and relationships bring are drawn out on the pages, with pencil, pastel, watercolour, or an etching needle.

The range of emotions and the range of media are a testament to the originality of Quentin Blake's mind, and his magical ability to draw.

A fully illustrated catalogue is available with an introduction by the writer and historian Jenny Uglow.
The exhibition runs 12 December 2012 - 19 January 2013 at Marlborough Fine Art, 6 Albermarle Street, London.  For more details, see www.marlboroughfineart.com

On Tuesday 11 December, BBC Newsnight  featured a short film showing Quentin talking about his work in his London studio, and showing some of the new works on display at the Marlborough gallery.  Go to the BBC Arts pages to watch the film.

A smaller show of the etchings and lithographs from this collection will also appear at the Diss Corn Hall Gallery in Diss, Norfolk, where it will be open to visitors from 4 January until 2 February 2013.  See the Diss Corn Hall Gallery website for more details.