'The QB Papers' - final set out now

Friday 3rd July 2020

Publication of the final five titles in Quentin's series of drawings books (collectively known as The QB Papers) had originally been planned for May 2020, but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Self-published by Quentin and distributed by Thames and Hudson, the whole set of 20 volumes (priced £16.95 per book) are available now.
As fans of the series have come to expect, these new books offer a variety of themes and techniques.  Quentin explains:
- Chance Encounters: I enjoy drawing mountains and rocky landscapes, especially with people riding through them on eccentric vehicles; and so of course it’s natural that some of them should meet. (Not always at the most convenient place or moment).
- 20 Bald Men: I drew all these in bed one morning. I’m not sure why I chose this kind of person, but once again the interest for me is the variations on a fixed set of features (bald head, spectacles, moustache).
- Wildlife Artists of the Year: The title was suggested by the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. I have many, often quite serious, pictures of people drawing animals or (more often) birds. Here they are just simply adapted to provide a handful of visual jokes. I hope they’re amusing.
- On the Wing: I have always liked to draw people flying, in all sorts of ways. These people just have simply little angel-type wings, which seem to work perfectly well. These are moments of everyday life transferred to the air – the boys seem to be the only ones to be exploiting the possibilities.
- Linear: It may just have been an accident that I drew a man looking at a line on the floor. After that I drew a lot more, and after that I edited and redrew some so that the line took on a character of its own and one can believe (I hope) that it’s actually moving, with its observer reacting appropriately. I thought it became almost like a simple, tiny animated film.
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