The QB Papers: more books in the series now available

Friday 7th February 2020

The next five titles in Quentin's exciting new series of books of drawings, 'The QB Papers' are published on 7 February 2020.
Published by Quentin himself and distributed by Thames & Hudson, the high-quality paperback books (priced £16.95 each) feature a different series of drawings produced by Quentin since the end of 2018.  They demonstrate a breadth of subject and media and are, as Quentin says, for 'anyone who likes looking at drawings'.  The set has been hand-sewn with each title using a different coloured thread on the spine.
The five new titles in the series are described by Quentin: 
  • Night Thoughts - This is rather like the conversation pictures in that it shows the positions that people get into when reading - but it’s more specific and “observed” in that it shows different characters and their individual reactions.
  • The Language of the Fan - Another idea which came from I don’t know where, though I have drawn fans before, and they serve to emphasise gesture. These are drawn in a simplified style, and the costume is a mime artist’s costume
  • Trip Hazards - This is straightforward farce. A friend, recently trained in advising businesses, wrote a commentary on my office which took upon itself to warn us of “Trip Hazards,” amusing to us as you don’t need warning, the place is full of them: books, portfolios, frames and so on. These drawings acknowledge our awareness of them.
  • Thirteen Things you Cannot Really Manage Without - 'These originated in a set of drawings of objects for display in a shop in Aldeburgh, called “Objects.” These are thirteen of the more eccentric ones
  • The Big Drawing - These are fairly naturalistic “observed” drawings, though of course they are not drawn from life. Once again it is a range of gestures and expressions, the way the works on and reacts to the big drawing which we never see.
The final five titles in the series are due for publication on 7 May.