Quentin Blake exhibition at Cross Street Gallery, Islington until 1 August

Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Another chance for prospective purchasers and fans of Quentin's new fine art work to see some of the drawings from his show at Marlborough Fine Arts in December last year.
The works in the show, all of which are for sale, use a mixture of media, including watercolours and chinagraph pencil sketches. The watercolours in the 'Old and Young' series include some previously unseen works, as those in the December show were all purchased. Alongside them are several larger works in Stabilo oil pastel from the series 'Sporting Women', together with several chinagraph 'Companions' and 'characters in search of a story'.
Also available are the 'Insects' and 'Women and Birds' etchings and 'Girls and Dogs' lithographs featured in the Marlborough show, beautifully printed by the Pauper Press

Visit the exhibition 13 July - 1 August at the Cross Street Gallery, 40 Cross Street, Islington, London N1 2BA. Open Tues - Sun from 11am. For more details, phone: 020 7226 8600.