Quentin has 'Carte Blanche' in M le magazine

Friday 25th September 2020

Quentin has produced a new set of drawings - 'Rencontres Inattendues' - specially for 'M', the weekly magazine supplement published by French newspaper 'Le Monde'.
Invited to take part in the magazine's annual autumnal feature 'Carte Blanche', Quentin has created a series of drawings depicting unexpected meetings.  The central theme is broadly similar to his 2019 self-publication 'Chance Encounters' but has allowed him to develop it further.  Like 'Chance Encounters', the drawings are outwardly comic pen & ink works, tinted with atmospheric grey watercolour.
The first drawing in the series (pictured above) appeared in the magazine issued with Saturday 19 September's newspaper, with the next in the series due for publication tomorrow.  Readers will be able to enjoy a new drawing each Saturday until at least early December!
Parisians can also enjoy a selling exhibition of his work, 'Voyages Litteraires', on show at Galerie Martine Gossieaux until 4 December.