Quentin joins Greenpeace 'Draw the Oceans' challenge

Friday 26th February 2021

Greenpeace are calling for the UN to agree a new Ocean Treaty - a legal way of securing ocean protection, that will pave the way for a third of our oceans to become ocean sanctuaries by 2030. This is what’s needed if our oceans are to recover from the damage we’ve caused them.

To raise awareness, Greenpeace UK have launched a global illustration #DrawtheOceans challenge to engage people of all ages in using art to convey the wonder and beauty of our oceans.  This project will run up until May with many exciting creatures to sketch every month. Find out when and what the next challenge will be on Greenpeace’s website 

The #DrawTheOceans challenge is well underway – with some amazing submissions already. World Whale Day (21 February 2021) inspired the first theme: Quentin's 'Grey Whale' (pictured) joins contributions by Oliver Jeffers, Ashton Attzs, Kristjana Williams, and many more. 

Whether you’re a confident artist or just love to doodle, join the Draw The Oceans Challenge and post your art on Instagram using the hashtag #DrawTheOceans.