Quentin receives the Lifetime Inspiration Award at Literally... Coventry

Friday 14th June 2013

Literally... Coventry Book Festival presented Quentin Blake with their first ever 'Lifetime Inspiration Award' at their awards ceremony on 12 June 2013.

Introducing the Award, Charlotte Reed from Literally... Coventry said: 'Today we honour [Sir Quentin] as a city with an award of high accolade, a Lifetime Inspiration award and our first ever awarded.  We thank you as a city of readers for your work to entertain and encourage young and old to pick up a book and read and sometimes laugh and always enjoy.'  In response, Quentin praised the commitment to libraries in Coventry and the motivation to love books inherent in the festival.  He concluded, 'the fact that you are about inspiration and you've given me an award for it is deeply moving to me.'

Quentin was presented with the thirteenth and final award of the evening.  Other winners included Caitlin Moran (voted for by readers in the 'Word of Mouth' category), Alexander McCall Smith, Alan Garner, Gaynor Anold, and Coventry-based author Lee Child.

More information about the Literally...Coventry is on the Festival Blog, at: http://literallycoventry.wordpress.com/