Quentin's new book 'Three Little Owls' on sale now

Friday 30th August 2013

Join three irrepressible little owls on their journey round the world.
Taking the text by Emanuele Luzzati (in an English version by John Yeoman) Quentin Blake has created gorgeous new drawings for this story.  The little owls' journey takes place from one Christmas Day to the next - fishing, dancing, snoozing and not behaving on their way! 

Emanuele Luzzati (1921-2007) was an Italian artist, film director and animator.  After his death in 2007 all his artwork and papers were transferred to the Luzzati Museum, a 16th century fortified building on the port of Genoa.  Amongst these works was a manuscript entitled 'Filastrocca di Natale', which he had written and no doubt one day intended to illustrate.  In 2006 Quentin Blake was invited to show his work alongside that of Emanuele Luzzati at the Italian Embassy in London, and later, in 2009, to present it in an exhibition at the Museo Luzzati in Genoa.  At the end of the exhibition Quentin Blake was asked if he would take on the task of illustrating Filastrocca, which he glady accepted. 
Published in hardback by Tate Publishing and (in Italy) by Nugae.

Visit the Museo Luzzati website to find out more about the Museum and Luzzati: http://www.museoluzzati.it/pag.php?id=20