Swindon care home proudly unveils its 'Quentin Blake Room'

Friday 24th May 2024

Fitzwarren House in Swindon marked a gift of ten prints from Quentin Blake by renaming their coffee lounge in his honour.  'The Quentin Blake Room' now proudly displays the framed prints, taken from original drawings which were created by Quentin in 2023 specially for use in settings which care for patients with dementia.

The prints were donated to the home by Quentin, and framed by Colin Wake, husband of one of the residents.

Home manager Sue Smith said “Quentin has an interest in dementia and was thrilled by the lounge’s new name and has handwritten the signage for us.  The idea of the prints is for the residents to look at a particular picture and discuss it - so, a conversation-starter really.  The person facilitating the session can ask questions to prompt more ideas and encourage the residents to use their imagination, or to get lost in the story.”

The prints show drawings worked in Quentin's favourite black ink and nibbed pen, each tinted with a single colour of watercolour.  Subjects range from the joy of growing potted plants, relaxing in the outdoors, or reminiscing with friends.  

Fitzwarren House held an event in May to mark the unveiling of the lounge’s new look.  Special guest Ghislaine Kenyon, Quentin's friend and biographer, attended the event to read out a personal message from Quentin as part of the opening ceremony.