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Work at QBHQ on a show of new portraits
Friday 30th June 2023

A behind-the-scenes peek at preparations for 'Portraits, Playhouses & People'

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Walking on the wild side
Celebrating the launch of the WWT partnership 'Drawn to Water'
Thursday 18th May 2023

QBHQ field trip to the London Wetland Centre

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On the Spot
Checking original artworks before an exhibition
Friday 28th April 2023

Making 'condition reports' is an important part of exhibition prep. Here's how we do it ...

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Flights of Fancy
Exclusive new prints created from Quentin's drawings of imaginary birds
Wednesday 29th March 2023

'Wading Birds' prints come to Quentin's online shop. Choose from four beautiful designs

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In the Stands
Re-discovering some quintessential Quentin Blake cartoons
Friday 24th February 2023

We're always looking for new things to share on Quentin's website. Find out more about some little-known cartoon treasures we've discovered

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Box of delights
Sending new artworks to auction
Monday 28th November 2022

Bonhams in London are hosting an auction to raise funds for the QBCI

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