Quentin Blake: The QB Papers at Cromwell Place

At: Arc Gallery, 4 Cromwell Place, London SW7 2JE

10 April 2024 - 28 April 2024

More info: https://www.cromwellplace.com/whats-on/quentin-blake-the-qb-papers

Quentin Blake returns to Cromwell Place to present original artwork from five titles in The QB Papers series. 

Created between 2017-2019, the work explores different subjects and techniques which interest him. They vary in approach and tone, and between reality and fantasy.  Whether amusing, thought-provoking, calming or uplifting, each sequence of drawings will delight and entertain.  

'Scenes at Twilight' (2017) is  a collection of colourful, atmospheric drawings in ink and watercolour of people and animals at dusk, originally exhibited in Hastings in 2018;

'The Alternative Sports Olympics' (2018), in unfettered ink line, is a humorous look at everyday activities, from the perspective of a determined non-sportsman;
'Wildlife Artists of the Year' (2019) and 'Feet in the Water' (2019) are both worked in pen and ink with grey watercolour halftone, and show people and animals in the outdoors, with Quentin's characteristic observational humour and instantly-recognisable style;

'Chance Encounters' (2019) is a larger, darker series of  works in quill pen and watercolour, charting serendipitous meetings of unlikely acquaintances in a variety of situations.

All artworks will be for sale.  Please click the 'Price List' button below to download the catalogue.  Quentin's team will be happy to take sales enquiries from gallery visitors as well as remote buyers once the exhibition opens on 10th April.
Additionally, visitors to the exhibition will be able to purchase small, unframed works from Quentin's book 'The Art of Conversation'  and an unpublished set of works from 2018 titled 'Unruly Locks'  Copies of several titles from 'The QB Papers' series of books will also be available to buy.

The exhibition is free to enter, and open during normal gallery hours from Wednesday-Sunday.  See Cromwell Place's website for further details.

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